Have a great idea? We want to know.  The iOps360 platform is not a static product.  The platform has grown with requests from agencies just like yours.  Most feature requests are completed with out any cost to you.  This business model pushes the system to grow and make a better product for all customers.

Here are a few of the latest changes and upgrades to the platform:

  • New iOps360 front end website – You asked and we delivered. Thanks to your help, we have re-organized the front end website and expanded the help guides. We are updating all the documentation and linking the help guides into the various areas
  • Refer A Friend Program – Know of another agency that could benefit from iOps360. You will receive a $100 gift card for new agencies that sign up with iOps360. Learn More
  • Shift Hours Change Requests – For systems not using the Time Clock In/Out, users can request schedule changes (Early calls/Late calls etc) using the Shift Hours Change Request. We have expanded this to be able to send emails to admin when these requests are entered by the staff
  • Truck Check Off + Inventory + Work Order Link – The Truck check offs can now link with the Inventory system to track expiring items on each vehicle and automatically generate a Work Order when a truck is running low or item is expired. Learn More
  • Truck Check Offs – We have made several changes to the Truck Check Offs including 1.) Warning message when a user enters a mileage > 1000 miles or + 10% from the prior value. 2.) Integrated Truck Checks with the Work Order system – see more below. 3.) Ability to temporarily in-activate a form. 4.) Show red flag on Required Questions. Learn More
  • Schedule – Month Calendar – (Admins Only) The number of personnel requesting to work an open position has been added to the month calendar and also an icon to indicate a Swap/Trade
  • Open Shift Pickup – Added a filter for “My Requests” to quickly filter events a user has requested
  • Crew Rest Periods – You can create rest period rules to ensure staff have adequate rest between shifts. Set the minimum number of shifts in a row, minimum shift length, rest period and units to ensure staff do not sign up for Open Shifts, Swaps, Bids, etc and violate the Rest Period Rules. Learn More
  • Reporting – Active911 – Added a variety of Active911 reports including Responses by Device/User, Address Break Downs, Call Type Breakdown, and more. Need any other reports, just let us know.

Upcoming Projects:

  • Supervisor Pass down & Auto log – We will be re-designing the Supervisor’s pass down / end of shift reports to allow you to automatically include and filter events. Vehicle Status, Call Outs, Trades, etc will be automatically included and easily searchable.
  • iOps360 App – Adding the ability to scan a piece of Equipment or Inventory item for quick lookup, status, quantities, etc directly from the the app.

If there are any other features you would like included, just let us know. We are glad to do so!

2019 – June Updates