iOps360 Ems Security Software

User security is paramount to every website and application today. Often, applications require that passwords be rotated every so often leading users to pick weaker passwords and augment a number in the passwords. Hackers know this have developed methods to account for numbers at the end of the password, substituting an @ for the letter a and all the other tricks we as users use. Furthermore, users have more and more passwords to remember, each with varying complexity leading users to write their passwords down or use an excel to keep track.

At iOps360, we want to encourage users to have a long password using random numbers and letters, and is managed by a password management software. Knowing that users make simple changes on the required password changes, we are now offering agencies the ability to Not require a password change for users.

You can decide the password requirements for your agency by clicking on “System Config” -> “Users” -> “User Security”. You have the ability to require users to have an Upper case, Lower Case, Number, Special Character and now set the Password Rotation Frequency.

When considering if this option is a good idea for your agency, review the two articles below to guide your decisions:

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